Applications that power your business are valuable targets to attackers so you should have confidence that they can withstand real-world attacks. 

Our application security testing is low-automation and performed by highly experienced humans that find and exploit flaws in your apps that have real-world impacts.

Threat Modeling Cyber

Our Approach

1. A Part of Your Team

Instead of using penetration testers to perform application security tests, Icebreaker employs security engineers who understand the systems they attack.  This provides unique insights into security solutions as well as security flaws, giving your team the ability to work towards effective fixes for any issues discovered. We can also assist your engineers or contractors in designing and testing any fixes that go into production.

2. Realistic

Icebreaker security engineers examine applications from the context of their individual threat models and uses.  This enables us to disclose issues that have a demonstrable real-world impact instead of just theoretical attacks.  It also helps us develop guidance on hardening your application to be more difficult to attack in the future.

3. There When You Need it

Our team also offers contracts with hours on retainer, allowing your internal security team to scale with our security engineers during pre-release testing, or put security testing in place prior to any feature delivery.

Risk ready clients.

CIO, Financial Services Company
“Very, very, very good and helpful. I’m kicking myself; we should have done this a year ago. Thank you for helping my team get to the next level.” 
CIO, Gaming Company
“I’m really impressed with how thorough this was. Excellent job. I’m really, really happy”
CISO, Technology Company
“Thanks for this excellent, clear and well thought out input. The report was a gut punch but fair. We don’t even have any constructive criticism for you; this was great.”

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