Less concerned with stealth and evading detection, penetration testing focuses on comprehensive coverage and finding as many vulnerabilities as possible. Both penetration testing and red team assessments should be performed in a mature security program. 

We specialize in testing applications, networks, wireless systems, and developer operations infrastructure. We don’t believe in handing our clients vulnerability scan results and calling it a penetration test. Our reports contain only verified, exploitable vulnerabilities with short-term immediate fixes and long-term strategic recommendations.


Penetration testing emulates attacks an adversary would use to discover the vulnerabilities in your systems

  1. Applications

Confidence in the security of your application requires more than just an automated scan by a robot.  With Icebreaker, our application security engineers manually test your application and its supporting infrastructure, finding the business logic vulnerabilities that elude automated scanners.  You’ll receive a report with verified, exploitable vulnerabilities and proof of concept exploits for your engineering team to recreate discovered issues.  Each finding also comes with long- and short-term remediation guidance where necessary to prevent bad actors from taking advantage of you.

  1. Networks

Many of our customers new to offensive security testing start here to receive a complete understanding of their security posture.  Network penetration testing engagements can be external, internal, or both depending on your threat profile.  

  1. Wireless Systems

Most security companies check for rogue Wi-Fi hotpots only.  Our security engineers are also wireless security experts who have developed some of the leading technologies in wireless protocol exploitation.

  1. Developer Operations (DevOps)

If you develop and ship software to customers, securing your developer infrastructure has never been more relevant.  With advanced threat actors increasingly attacking the software supply chain, software providers must adjust their DevOps environments to support a defensive posture.  Icebreaker can help by attacking your development environment from the perspective of a compromised developer and help secure your software pipeline.

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