Our red team offerings realistically simulate the tactics, techniques, and procedures of today’s most sophisticated threat actors.

Red team assessments employ advanced stealth techniques to avoid detection and measure your organization’s ability to detect, respond to, and expunge a sneaky attacker from your network. 

Powerful narratives about your security controls

Red team assessments provide powerful narratives and empirical data about the real-world efficacy of your security controls, empowering you to drive change, increase security budgets, and measure progress.

  1. Adversary Simulation
    Can your security operations center, controls, and monitoring protect against advanced threat actors in the real world?  Can they detect and stop a sophisticated adversary if they don’t know the attack is coming? An adversary simulation is an end-to-end assessment that begins with gaining a foothold on your internal network and ends with a demonstration of impact, such as money movement, credit card numbers, intellectual property, and more.

    Icebreaker red team assessments typically include sophisticated spear phishing campaigns, customized malware developed by our R&D team, and a customized command-and-control (C2) infrastructure to allow Icebreaker to covertly communicate with the computers of its phishing victims.
  1. Purple Team
    Hone the skills of your defenders by giving them full visibility into a sophisticated attacker’s actions.  Purple teams are a collaboration of our skilled red team offensive security engineers with your blue team defensive security staff.  Together this team can quickly fine-tune security controls and produce detection signatures which help you catch and expunge real attackers.
  1. Physical Security
    When attackers gain physical access to computing resources, it’s usually “game over.”  Are your assets secured from both cyber and physical attacks?  Our team employs many advanced techniques to gain physical access to secure areas, including RFID badge cloning, lock-picking, and social engineering. With physical access, an attacker can connect a “drop box” to your network, bypassing your network perimeter controls entirely. Find out if an attacker can gain physical access and leverage that access to attack your network.

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