Threat modeling is something we do every day whether we realize it or not.

When we see dark skies and bring an umbrella, we are threat modeling.

Threat modeling asks, “What are we doing,” “What can go wrong,” and “What will we do about it.”

Threat Modeling Cyber

Model All Phases of a Breach

1. Enterprise (Detection & Prevention)

Model all phases of a cybersecurity breach, including obtaining remote network access, evading detection, lateral movement, and the attacker’s pursuit of its objective. This activity is a tabletop exercise including members of your SOC and Incident Response teams and Icebreaker’s red team experts that specialize in breaching enterprises. We will discuss likely attacks against your organization, map your existing countermeasures, and determine the levels of residual risk. The output of this activity is a prioritized action list of remediations for the vulnerabilities identified during the exercise.

2. Enterprise (Response)

If disaster strikes, will you be prepared? Understand how to respond to a ransomware attack or other breach. This is a tabletop exercise between your executives and Icebreaker’s partner FlashPoint. FlashPoint has vast experience helping Fortune 500 companies respond to ransomware attackers, including providing intelligence on the threat actor, their attacks on other organizations, facilitating negotiations, and facilitating cryptocurrency ransom payments. 

3. Application

Catch and fix application security issues in the design phase. A tabletop exercise including your development team and Icebreaker’s application security experts. Identify all components of a system, potentially including web applications, APIs, mobile, cloud, and other components, and model the threats for each. Anticipate your attacker’s moves and design the system to prevent attacks from succeeding.

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