Blockchain technologies bring innovative solutions to problems that go far beyond financial transactions and store of value.

Modern “web3” applications enable a more democratic internet, decentralization, autonomous operation, complex financial investment instruments, and digital asset management.

These novel technologies are increasingly targeted by hackers seeking to exploit flaws in web3 applications at every system layer. The best defense against these hackers? Understanding how these attacks are perpetrated and fixing vulnerabilities before they make it to your customers. Icebreaker can help.

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Web3 Penetration Test

Penetration testing emulates attacks an adversary would use to discover the vulnerabilities in your systems allowing you to remediate them before an adversary can exploit them.

In a web3 system, there are many attack surfaces, and traditional penetration tests are usually scoped too narrowly to discover all vulnerabilities.

Reasons why you should choose Icebreaker to conduct your web3 penetration test needs:

1. Receive a complete understanding

Many of our customers new to offensive security testing start here to receive a complete understanding of their security posture.  Network penetration testing engagements can be external, internal, or both depending on your threat profile. 

2. Confidence in Application Security

Confidence in the security of your application requires more than just an automated scan by a robot.  With Icebreaker, our application security engineers manually test your application and its supporting infrastructure, finding the business logic vulnerabilities that elude automated scanners.

3. Secure your pipeline

With advanced threat actors increasingly attacking the software supply chain, software providers must adjust their DevOps environments to support a defensive posture.  Icebreaker can help by attacking your development environment from the perspective of a compromised developer and help secure your software pipeline.

Risk ready clients.

CIO, Financial Services Company
“Very, very, very good and helpful. I’m kicking myself; we should have done this a year ago. Thank you for helping my team get to the next level.” 
CIO, Gaming Company
“I’m really impressed with how thorough this was. Excellent job. I’m really, really happy”
CISO, Technology Company
“Thanks for this excellent, clear and well thought out input. The report was a gut punch but fair. We don’t even have any constructive criticism for you; this was great.”

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